TRINACITY is the internal tenacity that triathletes possess in order to reach their goals in multisport events.


The concept for Trinacty came in 2015 but it took a global pandemic for the project to have time to truly develop. As 2021 looks to be better than 2020, we encourage you to find YOUR trinacity and share it with the triathlete community.

Questions At Launch

What is Trinacity Community?

Triathletes and other multisport athletes have a lot of passion and also are great about supporting each other. Accordingly, the Trinacity Community is being launched as a niche social media platform for multisport athletes with a focus on triathletes. Anyone who enjoys triathlons and related multisport events is encouraged to join for FREE and invite others to join.

Is Trinacity Truly Free?

The Trinacity Community is FREE for all triathletes and multisport athletes. We have a couple of membership options for coaches, club directors, and race directors coming soon. For now, we are just wanting to encourage athletes to claim their profiles so they can start to connect.

What are the plans for Coaches?

Starting on January 11, we will be opening up a membership option for coaches. This will enable them to become moderators within the Trinacity Community and create and control groups for their athletes. This is perfect for coaches who have group training programs or just teams built around their coaching programs.

What are the plans for Clubs?

We want to provide all local multisport clubs with a platform through which they can keep their athletes connected. Club directors will be able to create an manage groups for which their athletes can connect and support each other.

What are the plan for Race Directors?

We are planning on launching a triathlon and multisport calendar early in Q1. It will provide athletes with a platform through which they can easily search for and learn more about races. We are going to work collaboratively with race directors and race timing companies to make sure we get accurate information about their races posted on the website.

How can I help build Trinacity?

Glad you asked! We are just getting this launched and really need everyone's help to get new members. We encourage you to share our website on other social media platforms, by text message, and by email to those you train with. Help us spread the word so that our community can grow and the interactions can develop organically.

Help Us Grow the Community

Like anything, when it starts, we know that it will take some time. The only way to build a true multisport community is to encourage all our members to share this page with others and encourage interaction. We hope you see the potential of this niche community and embrace this challenge with us. If you have any questions or want to talk with a member of our team, please schedule a Zoom call below.

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